Testimony Edition 2 - COlleen L.

ENdorphins really do make you happy!

Another one of our amazing clients got a drop on the wall and shares her experience at Drip Drop and how consistency is key!

"After every class I think of the Legally Blonde quote "endorphins make you happy," because I'm smiling like crazy. Drip Drop makes me happy I've made it a habit to try and go every day I possibly can and because of that I've lost close to 30 pounds and have gained what feels like a second home in Tallahassee. It truly doesn't feel like a workout because you're having so much fun and I hope I can convince more of my friends to come and try it out!"


BTS: Drop Master ryan

Hear from one of our very own Drop Masters about everything from his dance experience to his fav song in his Happy Hour playlist...

Testimony edition 1  - Katelyn G. 

how drip drop changed Her idea of working out...

One of our awesome drip droppers shares her story below. She found confidence, fun, and dropped 20 lbs since Jan 1πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ». We hope her story inspires you...

β€œBefore Drip Drop opened, I did everything in my power to avoid working out. Drip Drop offered me such a fun environment to workout in that I now exercise 6 days a week! I never thought exercise would be a fun activity, but Drip Drop helped me achieve my goals and find the confidence in myself that I didn’t think was redeemable. I’m dreading going home for summer break because there is not a workout place that makes exercise feel like a dance party anywhere else.β€œ