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What is the Unlimited Master Membership?

The Master Membership includes unlimited access to our signature Happy Hour classes AND our flexibility and strength-based classes, Boost, POP Pilates, and Yoga!

  • *New client special: $89 monthly unlimited!! 

    • Savings of $60! OMG- You can take Drip Drop Fitness every single day for under $3/day!

    • 3-month minimum commitment. After 3 months, your membership will automatically roll into our regular month-to-month membership at full price. This is NOT a yearly contract! You may cancel or downgrade after the intro 3 month period upon written request… But let’s not get ahead of ourselves now…

    • *New client = must be new to Drip Drop Fitness. And by that, we mean you’ve taken 3 classes or less in the past year & do not have a current package or membership.

  • But I’m not new, how can I get in on the action?!

    • ANSWER: Find an accountability partner!

    • Refer a *New Client to sign up for our unreal $89 Unlimited special!! This will unlock the deal for your first month. You’ll both be rockin’ the discount and drippin’ everyyy dayyyy!

  • How can a current MEMBER still score this discount?!?

    • ANSWER: Upgrade with a partner!

    • If you have already committed to the drip (4) membership or drop (8) membership - you can UPGRADE ! If you and a client upgrade to the unlimited membership TOGETHER you both receive the $89 special for your 1st month of membership!

    • If you are already an unlimited holder (which means you can’t upgrade any further) you can still refer a *new client to sign up for our $89 special. One referral = one $89 unlimited month. Up to 3 referrals.