Studio updates & news!

  • Our next Drip Drop 101 beginner class will be held on Sunday 2/24@ 3:15 pm!

  • Double happy hour event on Friday, 2/1!

  • Wednesday's Pilates class will now be 55 min. to allow for parking transitions! Arriving no earlier than 6:30pm will most likely guarantee you parking as spots will become available immediately following the end of the 5:30 pm Happy Hour class!  If you arrive early, feel free to wait until the class prior lets out! Or take advantage of the FREE parking all down N. Adams St! 

  • Rachel’s getting married 1/21! She will be on her honeymoon all week :) Help us congratulate her when she comes back next week as a MRS.! Kylie will be subbing as many classes as she can, but please excuse the few cancelations we will have to make ahead of time.