[ 9/19 - 8:30 am class and Yoga is canceled]

[ 9/19 - 8:30 am class and Yoga is canceled]


Drip Drop Fitness exists to create a fun exercise while disguising the workout through dance, music, and an energetic atmosphere.


 exercising while having a blast is what makes Drip Drop unique. With lights flashing and base we guarantee to keep you dripping and dropping!

come dance like no one is watching!


What's all the hype about?


"I loved Hannah, the studio, and really everything... I'm trying to tell all my friends in my classes to come!"

Lexi Mendoza, fsu student



"I seriously loved it. I am already sore in places I usually never am. It was so fun and you don’t even feel like your working out because you’re just dancing. I honestly think will be such a confidence booster for girls too. Just like helping them dance and love their bodies. The instructor, Mark, is perfect too."

Jackie Trance, Certified Personal Trainor and Sport Nutrition Intern for

the Florida State University Football TEam


"I loved the class, thought it was so fun, and can't wait to come again!" 

Alex Taylor, Editor in Chief Odyssey magazine


Studio Perks

private parking


Complementary Feminine hygiene items ( dry shmpoo, makeup wipes, hair ties, etc.)

ipad check in

Complementary bottled Water 

bathrooms/Changing rooms