We look forward to meeting you at your first class! Here’s everything you’d want to know about our fitness classes and studio beforehand!

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1. Create an account !

  • Once your account is created and you are logged in, click "edit" in the "Personal" section. Click the drop down arrow next to "notification preference" and select "email and text messages"! This way, we can notify you of any schedule changes or if you are moved off the waitlist and into the class - (much easier than checking your email)!!

  • You'll receive three emails from us when you book your first class: 1) a welcome email that includes your profile info 2) a purchase receipt and finally 3) a class confirmation email.

2. Claim your * New Client Special *! (3 classes for 50% off)

3. View the class schedule and "Sign Up" for the time and day you would like to attend. Make sure to save your log-in info so it's easier to sign up for classes future classes!

4. You can even download the MindBody app to sign up for classes, keep track, and check the schedule straight from your phone!!

5. Once you've used your three classes, we hope you’ll join us for many more happy hours! We make sure our prices are the best bang for YOUR buck (we know you have other bills to pay and we sure love having you around). Become a Drop Master for only $99/month (best deal) or check all your options here.

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Book your class

We ask that you reserve your spot in class online - (think of it as an RSVP to our happy hour party). It also allows our instructors to properly prepare their class taking into account the amount of attendees.
You’re more than welcome to try and walk-in without having reserved a spot online. However, if the class is full upon your arrival we will not be able to accommodate you, and no one wants that to happen!

Some classes may say "waitlist" next to them. Don’t worry, we have a waitlist for a reason - because we know plans change and when a client drops out of class you get automatically moved in! Go ahead and book those waitlisted classes -- hint hint, you'll probably get in!! We send an email or text to notify you - depending on your notification settings in your profile (make sure you have them set on!)


If you cannot make the class you reserved, make sure to cancel your reservation 3 hours before the class begins or you will forfeit your pass.

Don’t be nervous!

You will NOT be learning choreography or technique in our classes. We use simple dance movements combined with high energy cardio moves to create a full body intensive workout! With lights flashing and music thumping, it will go by so fast you'll can't wait to get back! And if you don’t want to dance- try our Boost or Pilates classes!

Happy Hour can be comparable to the way a “Zumba” class is presented. However, at Drip Drop Fitness, we choreograph all of our dances and classes from start to finish, as well as incorporate a very eclectic range of music!

Another unique difference is that Drip Drop Fitness includes toning components within our dance cardio classes- such as lunges, squats, marches, calf raises, etc.

More details please!

Wear comfortable shoes! Specifically, we recommend sneakers. They don't need to be dance shoes, ballet shoes, running shoes...just comfy shoes!

When you arrive

We have private parking in FRONT of our fitness studio. This lot does fill up, so if you cannot find a spot please take advantage of the free street parking along N. Adams st. 
Make sure to arrive at least 5-10 minutes early for your first class to ensure we can show you around the studio!

We have a 5 min. grace period for late arrivals. However, we like to start on time so you get a full 60 min. workout!!!

totally scope us out before your first visit on Social Media