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Happy Hour 

Our signature dance cardio class combines easy-to-follow moves, eclectic music, and toning components guaranteed to have you dripping and dropping for a full body, mind, and mood workout.
Benefits? Cardiovascular endurance, endorphin rush, mood enhancer, improves balance, easier on your body than heavy lifting or running, offers community, enhances brain function and memory, shall we go on?

No dance experience required!

Wear your sneakers! Class is 60 min (happy hour) of continuous dance cardio

Happy Half Hour

Happy Half Hour is a slightly abbreviated version of our classic Happy Hour class.
It packs all the fun and energy of a regular hour-long class into 35 minutes. (30 min. of dancing ending with a 5 min. stretch to cool down.)
Makes for the perfect lunch break or mid-day opportunity to get your body moving!! And, only an $8 drop-in !

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This total-body workout incorporates 10-15 min of dance cardio from our “Happy Hour” class to begin, followed by low impact exercises that tone and strengthen targeted areas- abs, arms, and lower body by incorporating resistance bands and 2lb & 3lb weights.
Class ends with a 5 min. stretch.
Some say it’s similar to barre… we say it’s “better than barre.”
[Our Boost classes are 45 min.]


BRING A MAT! (We provide a limited amount of mat's to RENT ($1) for your convenience)

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Pop Pilates

POP Pilates is a total body, equipment-free workout using a powerful fusion of music, strength, and choreography that takes classical Pilates to the next level.

Class ends with a 5 min. deep stretch with optional essential oils to add a touch of relaxation!

Because of the range of movements and options given by our instructors, clients of all fitness levels can be challenged in this welcoming class, without having to endure impact or high-intensity pushing!
We are the ONLY place in Tallahassee offering this type of pilates exercise!How cool?


BRING A MAT! (We provide a limited amount of mat's to RENT ($1) for your convenience)

Schedule subject to change. Please click link for most updated class schedule. 

* Drip Drop Fitness is a small group fitness class studio.  We cap classes at 20 people.

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