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Frequently asked Questions 

How do I sign up? 

1. Create an account

2. Purchase a class credit or package HERE.

3. View the class schedule and select "Sign Up" for the time and day you would like to join. Make sure to save your login info so it's easier to sign up for classes again!

Use the MindBody app to sign up for classes, keep track, and check the schedule straight from your phone! 

Do I have to make a reservation?

YES! We ask that you reserve your spot in class online - (Think of it as accountability. We got you!) You’re more than welcome to try and walk-in without having reserved a spot online. However, if the class is full upon your arrival you will politely be turned away.

Some classes may say "waitlist" next to them. Don’t worry, we have a waitlist for a reason - because we know plans change and when a client drops out of class you get automatically moved in! Go ahead and book those waitlisted classes -- hint hint, you'll probably get in!! We send an email or text to notify you - depending on your notification settings in your profile (make sure you have them set on!)

But I don’t know how to dance!

You DO NOT need to know how to dance! That's the fun part. Show up with a positive attitude, let your guard down, and just have fun. 

You will NOT be learning choreography or technique in our classes. We use simple dance movements combined with high energy cardio moves to create a full body intensive workout! With lights flashing and music thumping, it will go by so fast you'll can't wait to get back! And if you don’t want to dance- try our Boost, Pilates, or Yoga classes!

Is it like Zumba®?

Happy Hour can be comparable to the way a Zumba® class is structured. However, at Drip Drop Fitness, we choreograph all of our dances and classes from start to finish, as well as incorporate a very eclectic range of music!

Another unique difference is that Drip Drop Fitness includes toning components within our dance cardio classes- such as lunges, squats, marches, calf raises, etc.

More details please!

Wear comfortable shoes! Specifically, we recommend sneakers. They don't need to be dance shoes, ballet shoes, running shoes...just comfy shoes.

We have private parking in FRONT of our studio. More parking info HERE

If it's your first time to our studio, its best to show up a few minutes early and check-in at the desk so we can give you the low down.

Class begins ON TIME. We have a 5 min. grace period for arrival.

Will Drip Drop Fitness
classes help me lose weight?

Happy Hour is a full-body workout designed to burn calories. Boost/Pilates/andYoga are designed to tone and lengthen your muscles. Pairing consistent Drip Drop Fitness classes with a healthy diet can definitely help you shed unwanted pounds.

Can I arrive late or leave early?

Though we encourage everyone to take the entire class so they can safely warm up and cool down, we allow people to enter class within the first 5 minutes.
While we cannot stop you, please do not leave until the class is finished. If you do need to leave early, let the instructor know beforehand.
Please keep in mind that your body needs time to warm up to safely do our exercises and stretching is an important part of injury prevention.
Yoga has no exception, door locks at start time.

Are you sure it’s for me?

YESS!! We have clients of all ages! Everyone, despite age, fitness level, or coordination level can drip and drop. (Minors ages 13+ are welcomed but MUST have guardian present to sign waiver.)

What does “Waitlist” on the schedule mean?

In order to make sure we can keep to our high standards and to ensure we don't overcrowd classes, we cap classes at 16-20 people.
Treat a waitlist spot just like you're booked for class because you MOST LIKELY will get in. If you know you won't be able to make it, simply take your name off the waitlist with no penalty!

The system will auto populate clients into class from the waitlist as other clients with confirmed spots cancel .

***Please only add yourself to a waitlist if you are confident you can attend the class. You will be notified by email or text message if a spot opens and you’re added to the class (make sure to subscribe to emails and/or texts on your profile so you are notified when you get into class from a waitlist).
It is your responsibility to check your email or app to see if you've been added to the class. You can be added to the class up until an hour before class begins. If you are added to the class and no show, you will still be charged a no show fee since there are people on the waitlist behind you that want to get in.

Late cancel and no show fees apply if you do not cancel within the bounds of the cancellation policy for double bookings.

Reservation & Cancellation Policies

If you have made a reservation for a class but are unable to attend, please cancel your reservation within THREE hours of the start time of class on the reservation portal (Mindbody) or call us.

If you cancel your class less than 3 hours before class begins, your paid class will be forfeited. If you are on an unlimited package, your account will be charged $4 per scheduled class missed or late cancelled. To cancel a class, log into your account and select “My Schedule.” This will allow you to select the class you’d like to cancel.

While our cancellation policy is THREE hours, any class with a start time of 9:00 am or earlier must be cancelled by 10:00 pm the night before to prevent being charged or loss of class credit.

Membership Cancelation

To cancel your membership, email 30 DAYS BEFORE your next auto-renew date. You will be emailed a confirmation once it's received. If it's less than 30 days before your next auto-renew date, it'll be terminated the following month.

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