Third times a charm!
Try out our different styles of classes or instructors to get a good feel of our unique vibe & special community!
Falling in love only after 3 dates is totally a thing here
(Offer for first time clients only *Expires 21 days after the date of the clients first visit* )


Commitment = Reward
Regardless of your schedule or fitness level, we have a plan that will work with you & your wallet!

Membership contracts are billed on a monthly recurring basis. 30-day cancellation notice required.

- D R I P -

4 classes/month

Additional sessions at a discount of just $11!


- D R O P -

8 classes/month

That’s just 2 classes a week, you so can do that! Savings of over $30/month!


- M A S T E R -

Unlimited classes/month

Breaks down to only $3 a day! Totally less than your Starbucks order!

- 6 Month Master -

Unlimited classes/month

Commit to a 6 month membership and receive a total savings of $60!
Receive 1 guest pass a month, take up to 2 classes/day, and access to all 4 types of class!

membership perks

While committing to a membership rewards you with a discounted rate for classes, the benefits reach far beyond cost savings.


Classes 7 days a week with access to all classes. Take up to 2 classes a day!


ONLINE OR MOBILE BOOKING through the Mindbody App

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Additional sessions at a discounted rate! Never pay full price.


Invite to our private Facebook Group where you can
meet fellow members and receive accountability & encouragement!


No annual commitment required!

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Monthly perk program for Unlimited members! Receive special discounts at local businesses all over town!


- Drop-in Single Class -


10 classes -$129

(Expires in 6 months)

- 1 month Unlimited Classes - $125

(This is not a contract & will not auto-renew. Expires in 30 days. Can take 1 class/day.)